Thursday, May 2, 2013

Labor Day=NO SCHOOL!!

Hola!  Today was a VERY long day!  The girls and I headed to Sagrada La Familia obviously to see the church.  We adventured out at 8:30 and finally got into the church a little past 10 AM.  The line was so long to get in!  It was amazing how all of these churches are so gorgeous.  You walk in and there are stained glass windows, statues, carvings, and in the center is the cross with Jesus hanging.  It was amazing.  We got a picture with our red towels in front so hopefully we make it on the WKU website!!! :)

After the church we looked at paintings that were set up outside on the street.  I am still on the look out for mom a painting but every one of them are just so pretty it is hard to choose!!  We walked down Las Ramblas and saw SO MANY barca fans cheering and being hooligans all day. It was so fun to see that!  We ventured around the Gothic Area of Barcelona and made our way back towards the Picasso Museum, which was still closed, trying to find the chocolate museum.  When we finally found it, of course it was closed!  By this time my new boots that I bought were rubbing my toes raw, it was not smart of me to wear them!  Thankfully I have no blisters which is a huge plus.

We decided to watch the soccer match down on Las Ramblas at a Sports Bar and it was a lot of fun but the waiters were so rude.  We would ask to get a drink or food and he would snap at us like he didn't care.  It was to the point at the end of the night we were scared to ask for our check!  But the game- oh man was it painful to watch.  They needed one heck of a miracle to advance.  They ended up losing 3-0.  At least they played better than last week! 

Oh and Tayler received some exciting news! I took tons of pictures of the moment!  I will only show one though, she would kill me if I showed all of them haha

Sagrada La Familia

Cathedral de Barcelona

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