Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mount Tibidabo Take 2

At school today I had a huge headache!  I think this whole not sleeping thing is getting to me and being non-stop 24/7!  Thankfully it went away later on in the school day though.  In my grade 3 class of boys it was insane.  A student got expelled from school because of what he did in class.  We were playing soccer and long story short Rudy was on his team and Rudy had the soccer ball, well the boy took Rudy's feet out from under him by slide tackling him... his own teammate. Well Rudy fell down and ended up tearing a hole in his pants on his right knee and even skinned up his knee!  What happened next was crazy!  I'll save the details but let's just say I would have gotten fired in the US if I acted the way he mouth actually hung open for a good 3 minutes.  Wow. Crazy boys...and to think they are only in 3rd grade and I am almost positive the boy did not apologize!!! 
Today was also my last day for my sweet sweet sweet little girls!  I'll attach a picture below of the whole class and I.  They are so precious.  All they do is kiss me and hang on to me.  One of the girls actually asked her mom if it was okay if I stayed the night with her!! haha I tried to tell her that I couldn't I had plans.  So then she wanted to take me to her house to play instead of stay the night.  I cannot go anywhere in the school without one of them tugging on me and holding my hand or kissing my cheek or even my arms!  It is crazy.
After school Tayler, Abby and I tried to find a way to the top of the mountain other than walking, since that would take an unbelievable amount of time.  We walked, and walked, and walked, and could not find the "lift" that takes you up there!  We walked back down the mountain and go figure, we found where the lift picks you up, which was right by our metro stop that we got off of!  ay yi yi!  We didn't go back up because the lift was closed plus Tayler and I had to get back home to tutor our kids in English. 
When I got home, Guillermo and I studied for his English competition on Saturday.  Hopefully I am teaching him the right things!!  If he doesn't win I'll be so sad because he is amazing at speaking English and he is excited to win the big prize.  The prize is a summer camp in some country where they learn English and what not.  It sounds pretty neat.  At dinner we had ham omlets which I learned are french omelets, pa amb tomaquet, and rice.  Nacho is very proud that I love the bread and says that when I go back to Kentucky I am going to open the first ever pa amb tomaquet shop and how everyone will love it!  If you are reading this, you better not steal my idea...but if you do I get a share in the income ;)  Patricia showed me everything about Paris for this weekend, all the places to visit, where the best place to eat is, and how to get to places.  She is so excited that I am going since it is her favorite place of all time.  She has already been 5 times and she showed me where she normally stays.  When Patricia told Nacho that I am going to stay the night in the airport tomorrow he about had a stroke haha He couldn't believe anyone would actually do that.  I tried to explain that it would be fun and he thought I was insane.  But hey it beats waking up at 3AM to find a ride to the airport!  They are going to make me a spanish omelet for dinner so I can eat it in the airport!
Oh and if you don't know this, in my Health class that I am currently taking I have had to do so many presentations on Head Lice.  I am a professional now when it comes to that, no joke.  Well guess what???  I come home from school and Alejandra has lice!!!!!  I knew exactly what to do and asked if she has already washed her hair with the shampoo, if she had the nit comb, and everything else.  I was proud!  It's funny though because once she told me she had lice my head starting itching!  go figure.  As you read this, you will probably scratch your head, I'll put money on it haha :D 
Anyway I will update you all tomorrow on my adventure in the airport hopefully!

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