Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The day before the holiday!

Everyone was so excited yesterday because today is a holiday which means NO SCHOOL!!!! Wahoo! Some of the kids were insane today.  One student bit another teacher and ended up running down the halls from teh disciplianary teacher while he was chasing him then both of my boys classes were awful.  4 boys got expelled from class and Rudy was not a happy camper with them!  I was scared to even smile it was that bad.  They would not form a straight line and they kept hitting each other with their bags.  They probably wasted around 20 minutes of their PE time.  When I have them next they won't have PE since they were so bad.  I ended up teaching 2 classes both girls thank goodness!  We were on the patio the last class because we were running behind on time so we did penalties for a short bit and then did 2 mini games where I played with a team.  We ended up losing, it was awful; but hey, at least the weather was finally pretty!
When I had class with Xavi I got to learn about his family how he has 2 siblings- he is the middle child.  He told me I was soo young when I am pretty sure he is only 30.  During our conversation he was talking about religion and started to explain to me about how to pray and who God was.  I was so confused because I didn't understand why he was explaining it to me, I thought everyone knew about God.  I told him that I understood who you pray to and who God and Jesus are and he kind of acted surprised! 
After school I went on an excursion by myself...yes I know I am not supposed to travel alone but I REALLY wanted to go to the mall :D  I made it back alive and hardly got lost!  I am so proud of myself!  There were TONS of shops at the mall along with markets.  I ended up coming out empty handed but it was well worth the adventure.
Once I got back home we watched the end of the Madrid game and it was hilarious.  Let me tell ya, if you are a Barcelona fan, you despise Madrid not matter what- kind of like UK and UofL.  If something happened with Christian Ronaldo, Oh boy he was called a cry baby and all sorts of names.  Silently, I was rooting for them because who doesn't LOVE Ronaldo (especially if you are a girl ;))!?   Afterwards, we watched James Bond and I could not stay awake, I finally had to call it quits at 12:40ish because I had to get up early to meet the girls to go to Sagrada La Familia!

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