Monday, May 6, 2013

Night in the airport

Wow so I have a lot to tell you all about my trip to Paris!  To start let me tell you about our little adventure on Friday night! After school we packed and got ready for our slumber party in the airport.  We met at school at 8 and went to Las Ramblas to eat dinner.  Well the dinner turned out to last for about 3 hours!  It took forever to get our check, when we finally paid it was 11PM or so.  So we were on our way to the airport!  Little did we know that we would run in to some minor bumps a long the way haha.  We went on the metro towards out Sants stop which is where the train is that takes you straight to the airport.  We got there and on the board it said that it was stopping at some place at 00:06 which we all thought meant that train would get there in 6 seconds, which 6 seconds later it didn't show up.  So when it finally came, I am not joking, every single person left the platform.  But we didn't want to leave because that wasn't our bus the one that was to the airport said was leaving at 05:20 or something along those lines.  so we assumed that meant in 5 minutes or whichever.  As the people were getting on the train, these young boys were waving us on the train and saying things in spanish but we just ignored them.  Now we know why they were waving us on... the next train wasn't until 5AM!!!!!  When I looked at my watch I figured out why it said 00:06 that means 12:06AM...blondes.  When we came to that realization there was an announcement that the station was closing!  We panicked!  We were not about to stay the night in a train station on the concrete floor with trash everywhere!  AH!  We hurried out of the station back to a metro trying to figure out where to go and how the heck we were going to get to the airport.  We changed metros twice and went to a stop that we thought was close to the airport.  When we got off and walked up the stairs, it looked like we were in the middle of nowhere.  Mind you it is close to 1AM if not later and we had no idea what to do!  We were just going to find a taxi but this place was deserted.  We kept walking and thankfully I saw some taxis.  We got in one and arrived safe and sound at the airport.
When we arrived pretty much all of the lights were out and we panicked thinking they were not open.  We walk up to the door and go figure you can't get in!  We were too the point where I just said well looks like we will just sleep outside! haha  There were these boys that were watching us from the inside and pointed us towards our left to keep walking.  We walked and walked then found where we could enter!  To makes things even better as soon as we walked in, they were doing construction!!  Workers were going to town hammering and drilling things.  It was awful!  We walked down the hall and found a dark corner to sleep, well if you want to call it sleep!  It was SO cold in the airport.  I slept in this fur coat that Patricia gave me since she said Paris would be cold.  But that still didn't help!  The tile floor was freezing, Tayler actually laid out some of her clothes to sleep on top of.  I could not get comfortable so I sat up against the wall with my back pack in front of me and bowed my head on my backpack as a pillow, that lasted maybe an hour if that until I went numb and my legs fell asleep!  We woke up around 4 to one of the police officers or whoever speaking spanish, we assumed he was saying we needed to go.  If you are reading this and you need to stay in the airport, GET THERE EARLY AND GO THROUGH SECURITY.  My friends, we lived and we learned this.  Once we got through and saw the benches that had some cushion that you could lay down on.. we were in heaven and slept 30 minutes more.

The picture below is us at our sleeping spot!  Tayler is the only one showing how we really felt haha

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