Monday, April 29, 2013

Picasso Attempt

What a dreary day in Barcelona!  I woke up and automatically pressed snooze on my cell phone.  It is cold and rainy!!  This weather is making me gloomy and tired :/  I did not pack a lot of warm clothes which was a mistake...I have been wearing the same long sleeve shirt a lot! Especially now that it has been cold for several days. 

Last night the family came over for Pablo and Jorge's birthday.  We had 2 types of cake and crepes which I didn't try, I was scared I wouldn't like it and I didn't want to leave anything on my plate haha Another thing we had was a champagne that was 180 euros!!!!  These Barcelonians take presents to the next level!  In one of my earlier posts I talked about how they give Nacho gifts for taking care of them since he is a doctor, well this champagne was from one of his patients!!!  Woah! 
The boys had a ball!!  They got matching shoes, a mini soccer goal and ball, plastic soccer balls, books, and many other things.  It was funny to see them blow out the candles especially Pablo!!!  He kept making his cheeks really big and holding it then breathing really hard.  He did this probably 5 times until they both blew out their cakes together. 

Back to today... This morning was crazy with the kids.  Our second class we had to keep them in their classroom for 15 minutes to make them calm down and actually listen.  Well go figure they didn't pay attention to what Rudy was saying so we waited and waited while he screamed at them to listen.  Finally he started deducted points off their grades which did not help either.  Finally he sent one boy away saying he was expelled from class- he ended up coming back in the room though 5 minutes later.  Then the last class of the day I got to teach!  When we went to get the girls from their classroom I thought it was going to be a bad first experience teaching.  To make a long story short they were wasting time in the classroom not coming out and Rudy actually threw one girl's backpack and folders into the hallway!!! That definitely would not happen in the US!! :O  When we got to the gym, which is 87 steps from the first floor- I counted today, I had complete control.  It was very different!  Normally I can yell loud in a gym but I felt like no matter how loud I was it wasn't loud enough!  The girls just wouldn't stop talking!  We did penalty kicks, corner kicks, and played a mini game.  I made it out alive!

After school the girls and I took the metro to the Picasso Museum.  When we first got off the metro there is a shoe store that sales the shoes that I have been wanting since the first day here...even the yellow color that I want!  They are reasonably priced too.  I already bought a pair similar but those were high tops and a different color :)  When we found our way to the museum, it was closed!!!  We asked a man in a shop and I guess it is closed every Monday...bummer!  I don't know when we would be able to go back since we only have ONE WEEK left!!!! AH.  I still want to see so many things!  Since the museum was closed we walked around and looked in shops.  There were some stores that is by the museum that has very pretty bowls, tea cups, plates etc and I am on a mission to find me something for my future home!!  Hopefully I will be able to find something but I haven't made up my mind on what to get!  There was a beautiful vase in one store so hopefully I will find something similar elsewhere or in Paris.  If you have any suggestions let me know :D

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