Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home sweet home

I have officially met my new Madre Patricia as well as the twin boys Pablo and Jorge who are two years old. The boys do not like me they said in Spanish,"I don't like the nice girl." Haha they are VERY shy around me because they don't know what to expect! Patricia is extremely nice and is trying to learn English. We had to pull the Spanish/English dictionary out several times to communicate. There are 3 helpers that clean, cook, do laundry, iron clothes etc and one is leaving tomorrow :( she is very nice and her English is good! My Madre told me that the eldest son is ashamed of her English and he made her promise not to talk a lot of English because its awful haha Patricia really isn't bad at communicating at all!
I have unpacked what I could, I have a small closet, a bed and small desk area. It's definitely a change but doable. She is doing work business right now and the.n she's taking me around town. Oh and I asked her about "siesta" and she made it clear that there is no siesta at home which means no naps for me!! Haha I will update more as the day continues.

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