Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saint Jordi's Day

Yesterday was Saint Jordi's Day (Jordi is George in English). Everywhere you went there were booths set up to buy books or roses for the opposite sex. Normally the men are supposed to buy a single rose for a woman and the woman is supposed to give a book to the man. This day felt like a holiday.
The ESO students sold cakes and baked goods during free time and they had a free day in the gymnasium that I helped with. There was tug of war, sword fighting with pool noodles, volleyball, badminton, ring toss, and others. There was a set schedule for all of the grades to do different activities like perform a dance or sing to the rest of the students in their grade. Since I helped Xavi when I was supposed to be with Rudy I ended up getting done very early because I couldn't find Rudy at school and one of the teachers jut told me to leave because he was probably off campus watching the fourth graders and I would probably get lost if I went alone.
I thought it was interesting when Rudy told me that some kids can miss class if they are good at a sport. For example, yesterday a boy missed class because he was being tutored by someone else in tennis. He is the champion of tennis and the school understands that he is very good and they allow him to take extra lessons during school! How cool!
Once school ended Abby, Kenzie, Tayler an I went down to las Rambla to see the festivities. There were TONS of people!! Booths were set up all down the street and authors were there to sign books! We couldn't find any books on English though :( as we walked down we came across a market and they had everything there!! Meat was hanging from the ceiling, all types of fruits, vegetables, candy, chocolate, fresh smoothies.. Which were only one euro! I tried some samples of fudge at one table and it was SO good! When we left the market and walked a little more we ended up seeing a mini riot. I wasn't able to read the signs but it was about the culture. I'm not for sure if it was about the issue on how people want to divide Spain into 2 states or what?!
When I got home we had potato omelets again and the watche the barca game! It was very bad. Nacho said that barca only plays with 10 players instead of 11 because Alexis is no good and needs to go home! Every time that Alexis messed up or got a foul it was hilarious to see Nacho's reaction. Barcelona ended up losing 4-0 and we all went to bed in a sad mood. I looked up tickets to go next week to the game and shew they are over 300 euros! Needless to say I won't scratch that off my bucket list here this time!

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