Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday Party!

Hola!! I just finished the birthday party for Guillermo, he will be 11 tomorrow.  After church we tried to go to Tomasz's but it was closed since it is Sunday.  It is very close to the school and like I said before it is famous for hot potatoes or potatoes grabbas.  Nacho and Patricia said they are very spicy because they have tobasco sauce, spices, peppers etc on there.  I was really nervous to try since I DONT like spicy food at all.  But we went to a different place by the square ad got them and amazingly they were good!! We got two orders and one of the boxes had just the spicy sauce and the other had everything and even hot mayonnaise!  Patricia drank probably 3 glasses of water while I took it like a champ haha
When we got back to the house Patricia's dad was waiting for us (the one that came over earlier in the week to watch the soccer game) around 2:30 we started lunch.  We had beef from the other night which was still delicious, chick peas, artichokes (yuck), olives, and something they called crocket but I think they were something like popper- it was fried with a cream in the center with ham chunks, very good! We also had the grabbas, pasta, and for dessert strawberries.  Nacho kept making fun of me because I don't like artichokes so he made sure to save some for me as a joke.  Once we were finished Patricia's dad and I tried to communicate with each other about Abraham Lincoln, Davey Crocket, Elvis Presley, James Brown and others.  We listened to his "old timer" music which was the plasters or posters I cannot remember.  Even though he can barely speak English I feel like he is a part of my family.  I called him old and crazy.  Crazy because when he was younger he used to run with the bulls!!!!!!  CRAZY MAN!  We watched videos of it and I learned every year on July 8th the run with the bulls down the street into the stadium.  So I told him he was crazy and everyone else who did that.  Patricia translated for me because I wanted to know the history behind the running and her dad said that it started a long time ago because some person decided it would be a good idea to run alongside the bulls and since then it has been a tradition. 
After we listened to music and told stories, I shared with the photos of my house in KY and they were amazed that I lived in a house with a lot of land.  Here it is unusual to live in a house because a lot of people live here and they are close together.  Guillermo wanted to see a picture of where I slept but I didn't have one.  We sat and looked through pictures of their second home in the mountains-where I will be going in 2 weeks.  Nacho showed me a place where the black virgin is.  He said even if I am not Catholic I need to visit.  Barcelona celebrates her and Saint George.  She is in Montserrat which is an hour away from Barcelona on a bus or train.  When I saw the pictures Montserrat is not the mountains we normally think of.  If you google it you will understand, very unusual.  Around this time the family kept piling into the house!
We talked and talked and talked for 2 hours- I really felt at home with their family.  They were very nice and made sure to translate for me when needed.  I learned that gin and tonic is the "it" drink now-a-days here.  Last year if you drank a gin tonic people may think you are crazy but now it is something you drink when you go out.  Anywho, we had gin tonics (yuck)  and champagne and finally got to eat the birthday cake close to 8:00, mind you this is still our lunch!!!!! They sang happy birthday in spanish (I got a short video on Facebook) and then in English for me that I had to lead.  Their uncle kept telling me to say it louder so sorry if I was screaming or sound awful haha Nacho and his brother-in-law are going to race in the 10k next Sunday and they were giving each other a hard time all night about who was going to win.  Last year Nacho lost by 1 minute so he has been bound and determined to win!  I was told that I had to come with a sign and make a t-shirt to root him on.
Tomorrow I finally get to start in P.E. so we will see how this goes especially because I will be teaching swimming...everyone say a prayer that no one drowns!!!!!!! AH.

Buenos Noches,

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