Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shopping Day

     Sorry that I did not update you all yesterday.  I have been SO busy every day.  I feel like I am nonstop.  Having classes on top of student teaching is a pain!  The TWS is due next week so I am trying to finish everything before this weekend and I have a night class that has presentations due that I need to finish to send to my teacher.  I am going to miss out on some things today and next week but oh well.... I need to finish this unfortunately.
     Well school went well yesterday.  I forgot to tell you all about Rudi.  He is from Argentina and he reminds me of Ramos.  Ramos is a teacher that I had at Western and he was very sarcastic and liked to joke around with people.  They are pretty much the same person and look similar!  A lot of the student teachers here have talked about discipline within the classroom and how awful it is because students will talk when you are trying to explain something and the teacher really doesn't do much.  Well in P.E. it is the complete opposite.  It is very structured and if Rudi is trying to explain something and the students are talking he will yell and get after them and wait while telling him they are wasting their time to play a game at the end of class.  This is what I do minus the yelling haha.  He is used to the American way because when he started teaching he was with American students in Argentina and throughout Europe.  Also, I got to learn about his personal life.  He told me about his wife yesterday and I learned that she has Huntington's Disease.  I have heard of this before but he explained to me that she has had it for 13 years and it is to the point where she is going to die soon.  Six years ago he had to put her in a home because he could not take care of her any longer.  When he was giving me the details about what all happened to her I was speechless and wanted to cry for him.  The one thing he misses the most is his best friend who he can talk to and tell anything to..what a sweet man.  Since she has this disease they decided not to have kids because she got this because of her mom and her great grandmother I think.  Since she has had this disease for a long time he told me that he is an expert in the disease and is actually going to talk to scientists and researchers in September- around 800-1,000 people!!!
     I was with Rudi for somewhat of the day and wow the boys class from yesterday that I had swimming with (the one's that are bad) I had for my first class.  Guess what?  There were TWO fights when we were playing soccer.  I don't know why they were fighting but one was after a goal and another was when someone took the ball away.  They just cannot stand to lose and they get too into the game haha  Some of the kids had to hold one boy back while Rudi was trying to calm the other down and then they broke loose and started pushing each other...finally we got them to sit out!  Boys these days...sheesh.
     The next classes I had with Xavi and he made me teach the breast stroke to the ESO 4 girls class (this is an all girls class that are 16).  Well if you know me you should know that I do not know swimming techniques whatsoever and it was interesting to say the least.  Xavi had to teach me what to say with the motions and then I had to remember and teach it in English.  Who knows if I even explained it right haha they did pretty well though!  After swimming we went to the gym where they had to create a dance.  During the class they only picked out their music which they were doing and some parts of the dance.  The music is American/English and there are cuss words which surprised me because in school back home obviously you cannot use that music.  I guess they don't know what it means because everyone was singing out loud saying it and Xavi didn't say anything.  If the priests know what it means I bet they won't be too happy when they perform the dance in front of the school!!
     For lunch a group of us went to Tomasz  and ate.  It was so weird because I got the chicken and potatoes but it cam with eggs!  It was SO good though!  The potatoes were actually better here than the place we got them from on Sunday!  After we ate we went and got dessert of course and I had gelato which was AMAZING!
     After school Tayler, Kenzie, Abby and I went downtown to Corte De Ingles which is comparable to a HUGE Macy's.  I think it was 6 or 7 floors!!!!  I bought an outfit for this weekend in Rome.  On our tour we have to wear shirts that are at our elbows.  When we were finished we went to H&M and I bought a pair of jeans for 10 euros!  Talk about a bargain!  In U.S. money that is 13 dollars.  We could only go to these two stores because we told our families we would be back for dinner.  Nacho cooked me eggs and bacon and then I helped Guillermo with English.  He actually corrected me on my English haha! When I was helping him I actually learned a lot because I know that I do not use the correct words in a sentence like lay, laying, lying etc.  Now I know the difference!
    Anyway I am going to meet Tayler for coffee now at Dr. Coffee I will update later!  Buenos Dias!


Yummy red peppers with water and oil

My coca-cola with lemon in the glass

Chicken, egg, grabbas, bread.  You can see the spicy mayo clump to the left
Below:  Perfect Dessert at Chocolate Box

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