Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mission Half Way Accomplished!

Wow... today has been very hectic!  First of all, Cereal again this morning was AMAZING but what I find odd is that not only is oil a part of the main food groups unlike the US, they put it on everything...seriously.  Instead of butter and jelly on toast it is oil.  On rice..oil, salad..oil, chicken..oil, pizza..oil etc.  I will attach pictures of my oily pizza from a hole in the wall place downtown Barcelona- we got lost and it was what we call a "ghetto" in America haha.  On the way to school Guillermo pointed to this very slim tall man holding his little sons hand and guess what?! HE WAS FAMOUS!  The man plays for the Barcelona hand ball team and is very good.  He walks his son to school every day to Saint Isabel and I am guessing he lives by us since it was close to the house!
     At school I found Natalie again and we had different classes today, english and french but with a different group.  The group of 4th grade boys were very interested if I had an Instagram, Facebook, if I liked Obama, if I had a gun and what I thought of guns (they knew about ALL of the shootings that have happened in the US recently which surprised me), I told them KY is the bluegrass state (they thought there was blue grass literally hah), everything to know about KY, I sang the national anthem which was awful as well as the pledge of allegiance etc.  The group of boys made me laugh until I cried because they were asking me so many questions that I would never think of at their age.  Since the school is a very conservative catholic school they were taught that you could not kiss someone unless you are married to the other person which brought up discussion about Modern Family.  I have never seen Modern Family but the boys did not understand why the actor and actress kissed if they were not married on the show or in real life- I told them it was a part of their job but they still did not think that was right.  I thought this was interesting since in the US we see SO much of this stuff and even worse on TV and do not think twice about it.
     Natalie and I got to know each other VERY well on a personal basis that I would never think someone would ask me or me to her.  It was a hoot because she is british and says their weirdest things like flat (meaning room) or other "british things".  I got to learn about how she was brought up catholic, her husband, her daughter who was born in July, her first boy friend, and the boyfriend she fancied most!  Natalie is such an amazing woman even as a teacher!  The kids love her because she is down-to-earth and can relate to them on any given topic.  After french class Kenzie and I went to the coffee shop at the square and sat in the tents with Jessie while we waited for our long break to be over.
I was done with school early again so Guillermo and I walked to school (Iñaki was sick today) and we ate white rice (with oil, go figure) and what I think was sausage links.  After lunch I went back to school even though I was done for teh day at 1 again but I watched Kenzie's class of boys and let me tell you they are wild!  The boys got to listen to the Saint George story since on April 23 is a holiday for him.  Typically at school we do not teach, the kids will play and the males will give a female flowers (preferably roses because it is symbolic of the Saint) and the females will give the males a book.  There will be parades in the street and everyone celebrates.  I cannot wait to take pictures.
     After school I went to soccer practice where Abby and Kenzie's brothers were playing.  The boys were insane and soccer practice too!  They were singing on the nets like Tarzan and the coaches did not even see them goofing off by us!  Their coaches were very young probably my age so I can only imagine how much they have to put up with with the little boys!  At 7 we met at the school and took the metro downtown which was very pretty.  A lot of buildings and shops.  For whoever comes to Barcelona the Apple store has free wifi FYI- we used it a lot tonight since we got lost...again!  Oh and I saw a pretty fountain that lit up and I wanted to go take a picture of it and it disappeared..seriously!!   Any who, we only got to eat and go to the Apple store because everything closes at 9 or 10 even the metro!! We did not find that out until 10:30 haha... we asked 3 people for help and still managed to not find our way, we kept walking in circles.  When we FINALLY found the metro it was gated and dark.  The only thing we could do was to get a taxi and guess what!? The taxi guy got lost, even with a GPS!! - but I did find the fountain again that disappeared which was a plus.  At least now we know to get on the metro before 10 PM and to take pictures of our surroundings when we get off the metro!
     I have already decided this is where I want to live and my kids can go to the Catholic school and be very smart since they learn a lot of languages, play soccer, watch soccer, live soccer, walk everywhere, and be in a beautiful city all day every day!  I already broke the news to Mom and she is fine with it as long as I get to talk to Messi (famous soccer player for Barcelona).  I just can't get over how much I love it and I am already starting to sound like them speaking English.  So maybe I can fit right in?!!
     Tomorrow I will be with Natalie again at school and will probably watch Kenzie's class too since I will get done early and no one else does!  We will go out to Tomasz's (a bar and grill) after.  They have a potato specialty in Barcelona and somewhere by it has a famous bar that a lot of locals go to.  the pictures attached are from the restaurant my white wine and pizza.  Oh and if someone could tell me what (vallae??) means it would be GREAT! Everyone says it here.
   Just to clarify, the reason why I named this blog "Mission Half Way Accomplished" is because I have marked off some of my things I wanted to do while here.  I.E. see a celebrity.  I added to the list tonight because a boy was on a motorcyle that we asked for directions and I really, really, really want to ride on one!  Mom I know you are going to freak out when you see this but I will make sure the person speaks English, I will wear a helmet, they are nice, and I won't go far. :)

Buenos Noches,

Greasy pizza

Greasy pizza and wine
Down the street from my house

Fountain downtown

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