Friday, April 12, 2013

Tibidabo Mountain

I really need to start blogging before midnight here.  I am going to forget things that have happened today!!  Today was my last day with Natalie which I will miss SO much!  In one of our classes the students thought we were crazy because we were literally laughing at everything!  She was trying her hardest to sound American and so she wanted me to sound British.  The 16 year old's wanted to watch a movie instead of being in class so we watched a modern day of old yeller and that got everyone laughing since I said old yeller and not yellow.
For coffee break Tayler, Kenzie, Abby and I went to Dr. Coffee in the square and had some delicious drinks!  I got a macchiato and it was perfect (see picture below).  It was very warm today, all of the teachers were saying it is very unusual that it is this warm.  When we got back to school I was pretty much done for the day other than a girls class (Tayler's class) and we learned about Christopher Columbus.  It was good to get a refresher on my history since it is not my best subject.  At 3:00 Guillermo and his class got to play soccer with their dad's for a reward for doing so well.  For a little bit I got to see Nacho and Guillermo play with each other and they were good!! I was very proud.
On the walk home Nacho brought up the idea that I should go running with him and of course I said yes thinking it would be a short run.  Oh no he said, "Eh okay we will go for an hour.  It will only be 10 or so kilometers up a mountain."  Once he said this my mouth dropped open since I am so out of shape.  I had to warn him that it was not going to be pretty haha  Patricia wished me good luck and how I would represent all women in the mountains.  Not only was I going to run UP a mountain but he asked if it was okay if we took the motorcycle, of course I said yes!!!!  Mom, I wore a helmet and like my previous post the male that I rode with not only knew how to drive, he knew not to hurt me, and we did not go too far only like 20 minutes away with traffic ;)  It is a law that you have to wear a helmet if you are on a motorcycle which is very good.
On the way to the mountain I was not for sure how to hand on and I know that Nacho thought I was a weirdo since I put my hands on his side which I thought was awkward since he is my host dad haha Finally after seeing other people on bikes I noticed where the handle bars are to hang on which helped!  We were weaving in and out of traffic and were right next to cars a long the way, at one point I just closed my eyes because I was nervous that I would fly off somehow even though he was very cautious.  On the way to the mountain I was able to see the hospital where Nacho works which was big and the cancer and tendon hospital that is very famous- they work with New York.  When we got half way up the mountain he told me a good place to get good and a gin and tonic for dessert!  The place looks over the entire city of Barcelona.  I cannot describe in words how pretty it is!!!!!  I have few pictures below but it does not do justice because I was running while taking them and you cannot see the whole city.  While I was running I kept thinking to myself aw this is so pretty yet I hate this since I was running up hill the majority of the time.  Nacho was trying to stay with me but I told him to just go ahead if I was too slow, he stayed with me for 2 or so miles and when I started slowing down I finally made him run ahead.  When I was close to the 3 mile mark I had to turn around because he was on his way back down the mountain.  By the end he ran all the way back down and up probably 1.5 miles to meet me again.  Jeez he was SO fast and in tip top shape.  He told me that if he doesnt run a 4:30 minute mile it is not good for him.  I can only wish to do that haha  However, even though I am sore, I am glad that I was able to see the full view of Barcelona and all of the people who go and run, walk their dogs, and bike there.
When we got home I met their Aunt who speaks zero English so I was tutoring myself on how to communicate and all she could do was laugh at me!  I tried but majority of the time it didn't make sense.  We all ate a meet they called pot roast or roast beef (which it looks nothing like either in America) and it had a brown sauce on there, there were fried potato balls, and strawberries.  Everything was excellent yet again!  After dinner Nacho and Patricia went across the street and the kids and I had a movie night.  Needless to say the movie was in Spanish so I was completely lost the whole time.  Guillermo had to keep translating for me which I am sure annoyed him.After the movie I tucked the kidddos in bed and blew kissses and wished them good night.
Tomorrow some girls and I are going to go explore Barcelona again and hopefully we won't get too lost!  In the evening I am going to watch Alejandra's school play and we are going to Tomasz's to eat which should be interesting because they want me to try a specialty and it sounds very spicy!  Tabasco sauce, peppers, spices etc. on top of potatoes!  Anyway it is midnight here and it is going to be an early morning for me!


The twins playing with the box (Jorge and Pablo age 2)
View from the mountain


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