Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It has already been a week?!!!

Time has flown by!! I cannot believe a week ago I just arrived in the Toscas house and would soon start my first day at Reial Monestir de Santa Isabel!  I am not liking this one bit... I need and want it to go by slow.  A lot of the student teachers that I came with are ready to leave because they are home sick and want the American culture back...I am the complete opposite.  Barcelona is amazing in every way not matter if they do make fun of me for being American at restaurants ;)  I have tried so many new things that I wouldnt ever get in the United States.  Seeing the culture difference has really brought insight on how other people live, this isn't like a vacation for 1-2 weeks; I am actually living here and experiencing everything that Barcelona has to offer.  I couldn't be happier.  I do miss my family but I never get home sick...I love being away and starting fresh and seeing different things and meeting new people!

Today I was with Rudi and my morning started off late.  I did not have class until 10:30 so I woke up at my usual time and did some homework then met Tayler at Doctor Coffee.  I got a strawberry smoothie that was delicious!  All of my classes were crazy because the boys fought during soccer, go figure.  One class even got punished where they could not play for the rest of the year.  They were insane..before class even started one boy started kicking another kid in the stomach and even when he fell on the ground!  We are talking about 3rd grade!  I just want to know what the parents do at they even have discipline or do they just not care?!  In another class of boys one of them not too long ago assaulted Rudy...crazy and insane kids!!!

After school some of the girls that I have had in class saw me and ran and bear hugged me!! They are so precious... they drug me to meet their parents and how excited they were that they had an American teacher!  I was so happy that they were excited!  I told their parents how well they have been doing in class and that I love them! :D

Rudy gave me a map of Rome for tomorrow and circled all of the places I need to see (he has been there over 10 times!).  Hopefully Tayler and I won't get lost Thursday night and Friday morning by ourselves should be interesting!  I am so excited to go to Rome though!!! Saturday I will actually get to see my precious little bit Abby in Florence (she is my KD little sister)  It has been WAY too long! Tayler and I are flying out of Barcelona tomorrow at 6:30 PM and will land in Rome around 8:30 then we are going to walk around probably and hopefully find our hostel.  Friday morning we have a tour that we booked and we will get to see the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, St Raphael's room etc.  We are praying that the temperatures drop a little because we haev to wear long sleeves and jeans on the tour.. so we are going to be sweating like pigs!  Then that night we found a free tour that takes us to 15 different places I think!  Hopefully everything works out as planned!  Saturday Florence...then Sunday Rome again and we fly out of Rome I think 9 PM.

Tonight for dinner I had chicken (of course) red peppers which are delicious (I am making these  when I get back home!-Ben would love it), crockets, pineapple, potatoes and green beans together...I could have ate until I passed out!  Everything is SO good!  But I did grow a wild hair tonight.... There is a "jam" as they say, we call it HAM ha but any who it is the most expensive ham in the country if I heard right... for a leg it is 1,000+ euros!  Looking at it you would never touch it... it looks raw and gross but I mean come on it's expensive and I would never try it again.  So that wild hair grew and a took me a piece...I chewed and chewed then starting laughing because it was gross!!!  Of course I swallowed it because I didn't want to be rude but jeez it was not something I would try again.  Alejandra ate all of it but 3 pieces!!!!  I don't know how that girl loves it so much.  Oh and just to let you know they did not spend 1,000 euros on this thing it was a gift to Nacho and the hospital.  He says it is very common to give your doctors gifts and that is what he got!  I will have to take a picture of it next time that way you will see how insane I am for trying it.

Well I have to go!  I have plenty of homework to get done unfortunately!  Tomorrow I have my crazy boys who are 16 that have no filter for swimming and for regular PE.  It should be interesting!  I will definitely have to blog after that class because I know they are going to do some stupid things haha


Oh and I posted pictures in my last post from yesterday!! I forgot to add the pictures last night.

Inaki and Guillermo on the way to school after lunch...what a sweet big brother!

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