Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cold and Rainy Day

Hola! Today it has been raining off and on. I definitely did not prepare for cold or wet weather!!!! My goal was to pack light and jackets and such were not on my mind. Today I got to thinking about how there is ONLY 2 weeks left until I go back home :/ I really think I will cry once the 8th comes. I miss people from home but the culture here is just better and I love seeing new things every day even if I don't go downtown. I can just sit outside and enjoy the weather.
Rudy has really got it in my mind that I want to come back here an teach. He has been telling me about the schools I need to look into an how they are American schools... Which makes it even better! I wouldn't want to stay this far away from home my whole life but it would be amazing if I could for several years! I may look into the schools if I get the A OK from mom and Ben!! It would be GREAT!
Today I saw yet another fight with the older boys! One boy actually got a black eye! No one got in trouble or anything though.. I guess they don't have punishment for stuff like that. But from the beginning of class Xavi was mad at them. In the pool he made the class swim laps for an hour with no free time and then once we got to the gym they ran for 30 minutes and it was time to go. He told me that someone from the military needs to come in and teach them because they won't listen. So next class if they act up, they will be swimming laps and running. All of my money says they will be running next week!!
This weather is getting to me though. All day I was yawning and day dreaming! I even woke up late... I forgot to set my alarm!! Thank goodness for noisy kids in the mornings haha.
Yesterday my younger girls class took picture with me. They were SO excited and kept kissing me and not letting go of my hands even when I was walking to lunch! Thinking about that makes me realize how different the schools are ere. Affection is a part of their culture. The teachers kiss the students (on the cheeks) almost every day. The girl students always kiss me and I them when I have them in class. If I did that in the US, boy would I get fired... Quick! Also Rudy plays around with the boys by hitting them, what they call the two finger punch and some other things and he even made the comment I could NEVER do this in an American school! Which is so true.
Tomorrow I am going to the mountains with my family! It is supposed to be COLD! Mid 30s.. Needless to say I am borrowing gloves, a hat, boots, and a coat from Patricia! Oh last night Patricia showed me her Pinterest account and we looked and looked for forever on there! She ended up loving all of mom's pins and added her and mine.
Anywho I am going to bed!! Buenos Noches!

The picture of Pablo is from last night's dinner. He was trying to eat his putting with his tongue and it was all over his face and hair!

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