Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saint Isabel- Day 2

Hola!  Today was my first day at Saint Isabel and I got lost countless times.  But to start I ate cereal for breakfast with their boxed milk and a HUGE spoon; the cereal was delish (I told them it does not take much to please me haha).  It is a bog private catholic school.  There are 3 sections that I know of: the little kids which Iñaki goes to.  Guillermo and I walked Iñaki  to his class and he showed me where the computer labs were.  I was supposed to meet a substitute teacher there because both of my teachers were gone to Madrid for a futbol championship with some of the students- they will not be back until next week.  Thankfully, I found Natalie and I was with her all day because I did not find the substitutes!  The first class was very small and all girls.  Today they learned about 4th of July in America and I told them the traditions that we do i.e fireworks, barbecue etc.  They were shy at first but finally they asked me questions.  If they talked in spanish or did not say the sentence properly in English they had to keep re saying what they were asking until it was right. The second class was also English and it was all boys, probably 12 of them which was big for Natalie.  They were VERY talkative and asked a lot of questions about Kentucky and about school.  The last classes that I went to were French but thankfully we talked in English!!  The boys kept asking if I had a boyfriend and when I said yes one students comment was, "what a lucky boy".  Needless to say I told Ben that at least someone thinks he is lucky ;) . 
     I was done with school around 2PM because I took lunch early with Guillermo and Iñak.  We walked back home and ate potatoes and green beans which are very good with chicken.  After we ate lunch I was done with school because Natalie does not have anymore classes after that.  So what do I do?! Explore Barcelona!  I walked and walked until my heels bled (literally) and got lost!  I had to use my spanish speaking skills and ask for directions back to school so I could pick up the kids and walk back home with them since I still do not know my way back.
     Tonight I got to meet Patricia's father and he knows slim to none English.  It was rough to communicate but he is hilarious!  He thinks I drink whiskey all the time since I am from Kentucky and even if I said no he thought I was lying haha- he even made me eat whiskey chocolate!!  For dinner we all had wine, an omlette which is a delicacy here it is egg with potatoes and onions VERY GOOD!, chicken nuggets, bread with oil, some type of meat they sliced off a huge leg of an animal right in front of me, and a salami type of meat.  I was full but we had to scarf everything down so we could watch the Barca game-which came out to be a tie 1-1.  Messi did not play until Paris scored and as soon as he went in we scored!!!!! Everyone went insane and then they apologized.  They were screaming with their hands up running in circles it was funny.  Nacho was telling me that when they play the whole city is deserted, no one on the streets or any place because they are either watching it live or at their homes watching then everyone cheers in the streets if they win.  This makes me even more excited to go to a game!! I need to figure out the best way to get tickets ASAP. 
     It is midnight here so I am going to bed for another great day in Barcelona! 
Buenos Noches,

PS Alejandra is obsessed with the Kentucky Derby so maybe when she is older she can come visit and go!! :)  and Pablo is finally warming up to me, mom got to talk with him on Skype even though he just stared at her haha

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