Monday, April 15, 2013

First day in P.E.

     Hola!  As I am writing this post I just found out about what happened in Boston.  I got out of the shower and had Nacho tape my foot when he told me what was on the news.  I could not believe it!  The first thing I thought of was 9/11 and what was going on and if they caught whoever it was.  Sitting and watching the news and calling mom to make sure she knows about it gives me goose bumps all over.  It is devastating to know that people have to result in violence especially to innocent people.  Hopefully, we find out who is responsible and nothing more will come of it...prayers are going to everyone involved and to the whole country of the U.S.

     This morning I was finally going to Physical Education!!  Rudi went to Madrid last week to coach volleyball and he actually won the cup! He was very proud and showed all of the kids and teachers at school.  I couldn't help but laugh.  My first class was with Guillermo so I was very excited.  When I got there, to my surprise we were flaying futbol!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was SO excited to finally get to play! :D  Their P.E. is different than what I am used to.  Everyone still dresses for class but they get a lot more time than I would like if I was teaching and in class they do 2 skill activities and then play a game.  Normally, I would have to gradually teach skills and/or moves then 10 minutes at the end of class play a soccer game whereas they play for 30.  I did like how at the beginning Rudi has the class run for 8 minutes and then do sit ups and push-ups.  With the younger age group they will run for 5-6 minutes.  When we got to play Rudi and I split up on either team with 10 minutes left in class.  I thought I would get smoked by these boys especially since they live for soccer.  They actually told me I did good and was impressed (they were 5th graders though haha). 
     I had 2 classes for swimming one class of all boys (the other 5th grade class) and a 4th grade class of girls.  In the swimming pool area everyone had to wear sandals and the students had to wear a bathing suit and a cap.  Rudi likes to joke around with me because he told me that the female teachers teach topless in the pool and go figure I believed him!!  I kind of looked at him like he had 3 heads and he started laughing haha.  When the boys were done changing, it was funny to see them because they wore very short shorts.  In the pool area I didn't know what to expect and when I saw it I was very surprised.  It is a big pool with a lot of different lanes.  Other schools come to my school in order to teach swimming to the kids.  There were probably around 6 teachers in there trying to teach.  Any who,I do have to say that the boys were the worst class that I had for swimming.  They thought it was SO funny to do a cannon ball into the pool right by Rudi and I so of course I get soaked while they laughed.  They were out of control.  They kept throwing things at each other and not listening to Rudi.  The girls on the other hand were very good.  Majority of them were able to do the free style, back stroke, and breast stroke correctly. 
     My last class of the day was with girls and they were a hand full.  We ended up not having a lot of time to play soccer because a group of 4 girls took forever to get dressed- I even had to take things away from them because they would just sit and talk in the locker room and not change!  In class while we were running they would walk and Rudi told them to start running and they didn't listen.  Boy was he mad!  I told him that I don't know how he will handle them when they are teenagers because they are only in the 4th grade acting prissy!!  I am already dreading having them when they go swimming this week! 
Tomorrow I am going to be with Rudi again and Xavi who I met today.  After school Tayler, Kenzie, Abby and I are going shopping!!! wahoo!

Buenos Noches,

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