Monday, April 22, 2013

Mamma Mia we went to Roma!

Sorry that I have not wrote since Wednesday!  Everything has been crazy and I am always on the go!  Well just to give you a run down of my excursion TO Rome:
1. The ESO boys (16 year olds) were insane Thursday.  They got me SOAKED in swimming class which the thought it was funny.  They also kept making these like ohh-la-la noises when I was trying to teach them the breast stroke...boys will be boys.

2. Tayler and I took the wrong bus to the airport but no worries we quickly found our way!

3. We got to the airport and we felt like dummies because while we were in security we took our shoes off well we got funny looks.  I looked at Tayler and said, "Well looks like they have never had a 9/11 or terrorist attack!"  So we quickly put our shoes back on before we reached the security people.  I guess only the US makes you do that???

4.  As we wre waiting for our plane we saw an argument.  This is the first of many times we wish we spoke their language because it got heated.  The entire room fell silent and we all starred as these 3 women yelled and carried on with the information people before they got on their flight.  My guess is that their carry on bag was too big because they were throwing it around and opening and closing it.  RyanAir will only allow you one carry on item.  You have to fit your purse and everything into that bag or else you have to check it in for 50 euros! 

5.  Now it is time to board the plan an hour later... guess what?  ANOTHER fight breaks out.  This time it was scary.  A man in front of us was getting his passport looked at (he is italian) and my guess is that they thought it was fake.  He kept yelling and throwing his hands in the air going xrazy and saying something something passaporta!  So I am thinking that it was his passport.  Well anyway they let him go through and he turns around in front of me and is still yelling back at them (my guess is that he is cussing them) well low-and-behold one of the workers comes running past me to this man who is right in front of me and starts yelling at him.  The man still is yelling and won't calm down...after about 5 minutes the worker says something and the guy yells at him as the worker runs off in the opposite direction.  While we were waiting to get on the plane he kept starring back towards the gate opening I guess expecting security.  We get on the plane and I was like oh gosh we are going to see this man get escorted off!!  Bad news.. but good news for him... no one came.  He made it to Rome safely as far as I know! 

Okay so now starts my journey....  Tayler and I make it to our metro station by the hostel...the Termini which is pretty much in the center of Rome.  We went to eat since we were starving (we landed at 8ish in which I got to see a beautiful sunset right before we landed).  We had pizza at some restaurant and they told us it was for one person...well it was HUGE. 
We walked to Alessandro palace which is our hostel and checked in we go to our room and I will never forget Tayler's face.  I about lost it I was laughing SO hard.  I opened the door and there are 3 bunk beds and one girl is asleep on one of the top bunks and the rest are taken all but two.  The two beds are on the opposite side of the room from each other and both top bunk.  Tayler mind you is still standing in the doorway just starring wide eyed!  She looks at me and says, "Kelsey, can we please sleep together? I don't know about this."  I never laughed so hard in my life!  So we were scared and used the bathroom together that was in our room because we didn't want to be alone with this girl that was sleeping.  Then the bar downstairs is booming with music.  We just thought of the worst.  Long story short, the girl that was asleep is VERY nice.  She is chinese and is going to school in the U.K. and loved Tayler's name since it reminded her of Chuck Taylors haha.  We met our other roommates throughout the weekend and they were nothing but nice.  All of them were traveling alone and told us where they have been and for how long.  Just a note, Tayler and I ended up sleeping in separate beds since we felt comfortable with them.  I still slept with my passport and wallet but still you never know!
Friday morning we got up early to go on our Vatican Tour which was amazing.  At one point Tayler looked at me and said, "Kels I think I am going to cry."  If you are reading this and you have not been to Rome you need to and you will feel the exact same way.  The Vatican is fabulous and flat out breath taking.  The entire time I was in awe...every.single.part of it. Again, words cannot describe the things I saw.  Until you go you will understand.  The tour was a thumbs up.  We went through Viator and our guides name was Laura.  I learned so much about Micahelangelo, Raphael and other painters, history behind the Vatican etc.
After the Vatican we went to the basillica which again is breathtakingly beautiful. I could not imagine going to church there.  I told Tayler can you imagine having your wedding in a place like this?!!  There were so many statues, other popes have been preserved there.  Afterwards, we went to eat lunch that was close to the Bascillica.  We ended up both getting lasagna which was very good but the downside was that we were sitting outside and homeless people kept coming up to us!!!  One lady would not leave our table and it's sad that you say no but let me tell ya she did not like that answer!  I kept saying no and she was pointing to her belly (I think she was pregnant) and she just stared at me and so we ignored her, well she didn't leave until a couple of few awkward minutes.  Once she left then another guy came through!!  You just couldn't catch a break between them and the ANNOYING people who want to sell you these scarves and wooden baskets!
After lunch we headed back to the hostel because after all of the pictures we took everything we owned was dead!  Once we were recharged it was time for another tour which was free.  If you are traveling to Rome google free Rome tours.  It was a good tour.  We got to go inside a church where the first 3D painting in Italy was painted, the spanish steps, the pantheon, other churches, government buildings- we got to see the secret service outside because all of these important people were inside teh buildings deciding on a new president, Fontana de Trevi- we threw a coin over a shoulder for good luck, some statues and monuments etc. 
We finally met up with Abby and Kenzie since they arrived Friday morning.  We had dinner separately so Tayler and I went close to our hostel and our waiter looked exactly like corey off boy meets world other than he had a mole on his chin.  Our waiter loved us.  He actually begged us not to leave because we were attractive and he didn't want to be stuck with "old people" haha.  Another note about Rome..if you like Sangria's DO NOT I repeat DO NOT get any there.  I had 4 sips and I was done.  We told our waiter about how strong and different it was and he told us they make things stronger in Rome unlike Spain.  So just have that in your mind, unless you really like nasty stuff then go ahead and order it :D

Saturday we took a bus tour and say the colosseum, capitine hill, the forum and other things.  It was a long and tiring  and very cold day!  Sunday we ended up going back to the Vatican and we just missed the pope..there were TONS of people waving flags and banners listening to him speak.  Sunday we just enjoyed our day.  We saw the thigns we wanted to see and just walked and sat wherever.  We bought some paintings for one euro that we are going to hang in our future houses..they are very pretty.  We ended up seeing a concert and mini mouse, mickey mouse and tigger there too! 

Our flight back home was really late we ended up not flying in until 10:30 and we didn't actually get home until midnight becuase we might or might not have gotten lost ;)  the bus that Tayler and I took the airport was closed so we didn't know where to go.  We ended up getting on a train to another metro.  That metro to another metro (which was going the wrong way) then we got on another metro to our stop!  We were SO tired that I just said if anything we can sleep on the streets because we have clothes, face wash, water, tooth brush, and other necessities to survive through one night haha

Well I am going to bed.  Tomorrow is Saint George's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really excited to see how they celebrate and especially to go to school because all day is activities and music!  I think tomorrow we are going to go to Las Ramblas and see the parade which supposidly lasts all day.

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