Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Still Day 1

I finally got to meet the whole family! Nacho's English was very good as well as the children's.. Very impressive. I have them their gifts which they LOVED since it was candy, side walk chalk, and bubbles. At dinner I had pinchos which I loved in Puerto Rico so I was happy to have that (chicken on a stick). I showed the family my family back at home and of course my doggie! Alexandria loves horses and horse back rides (which ill get to see her do Thursday), I showed her pictures of the KY Derby and she was ecstatic! Horses are her favorite thing in the world she says. Also, the weekend after I get back from Rome I am planning on going to their house in the mountains which looks amazing. Nacho said everything is green in the spring and wild horses are running free as well as cows and sheep! I cannot wait to see.
Tomorrow starts my first day at saint Isabel and I am extremely nervous! Both of my teachers will be in Madrid for an athletic event so I am flying solo the whole week; maybe with a sub think goodness! I will update more tomorrow because it is 11PM here and I need my beauty sleep :)

Buenos Noches,

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